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Utilities Instruction Company

Marine Corps Engineer School

Camp Lejeune, NC
Utilities Construction Co.

Utilities Instruction Company prepares officers and enlisted personnel for duty with the Operating Force by presenting formal instruction and practical application in the Utilities Military Occupational Specialties at the entry-level, noncommissioned officer level, and supervisory level.  Utilities Instruction Company also provides command, control and such other functions necessary for the discipline, morale and welfare of military personnel assigned.

UIC Bulletin Board
UPDATE:  October 17, 2013

To the 11XX community,

ATTENTION: Effective 17 October 2013, ALL Advanced MOS course are now open for enrollment and TAD funding is being approved! Register your Marines for the courses now in order to secure their seats and obtain funding!

Attention: There is no screening sheet required for Marines to attend our Advanced or Utilities Chief Courses. Students must meet the reqirements as described within the Course Descriptive Data in MCTIMS. If you need further assitance, first contact your S-3. If no assistance is available contact me at the email address below.

The FY-14 Course Convene and Graduation dates,  are posted on the site for all to see!! If you are unable to see them email me at

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Semper Fidelis,
The UIC Staff